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Affordable Residential Backup Power Generators in Sanford, FL

Backup generators give you peace of mind in any weather. We install state-of-the-art residential backup power generators in Sanford, FL, and keep them running smoothly. All the equipment we install is less than two years old, and we offer monthly promotions and referral incentives to save you money.


Did you know that lightning causes more power outages than hurricanes? Florida is the lightning capital of the world. When lightning strikes transformers, your power can go out in a flash. Without power, your air conditioning will shut down, which can result in mold and costly repairs — or even make your home unlivable. In addition:

Backup Power Generators in Sanford, FL

  • You could lose all the food in your fridge and freezer.
  • Your pool pump will shut down.
  • Your sump pump will shut down.
  • Your security system will shut down when the backup batteries die.
  • Your computers will shut down.
  • Medical equipment will stop working.

Backup power generators keep everything running smoothly and lets you carry on as normal. It could save you a fortune in repair work — and that's not even counting the value of your time. Check if your insurance company offers discounts for having backup power generators. You could save even more money!

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Total Peace of Mind

When you're away from home, a standby generator gives you total peace of mind. Whether you're gone for the day or you're taking an extended vacation, you can be sure your appliance, security system, and preset lighting will continue to function properly.


Whether you want a small portable generator of a complete commercial standby generator, you can count on us. We offer complete solutions that are customized for your needs. Our team will come to your location and perform a load survey to help you choose a generator of the right size and type. We install most major brands and provide complete turnkey service.

24/7 Service

Keep your backup power generator in optimal condition by signing up for a service contract. We perform complete diagnostics, electrical and mechanical repairs, and rust prevention. With four highly trained technicians, 24-hour emergency response, and multiple offices, we make the whole process as easy and convenient as possible.